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Monthly Archives: March 2009


I spent most of this week writing XSL templates for transforming XML messages into other, similar, XML messages. Ah, bless. Thanks to the practice of companies (including us!) making minor changes to standard XSDs, several of the input/output format combinations are identical apart from namespaces and a couple of tag names. Copy-pasting a template six […]

Running late…

I’m supposed to write another post by Sunday, but, I’m going to Dublin tomorrow night and not getting back until Monday morning. But I will write a post! It’ll just have to be on Monday night (what a day that is going to be).

Random snippets

It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m finally having that espresso I’ve been too tired to make all afternoon, so this is going to be a shorter post of some simple little tidbits (timbits, for any canadians out there). Unchecking Exceptions I don’t want to get into an argument about checked vs unchecked exceptions, but from time to […]

Re: What My Cat Brought In Last Night

According to the blogothon rules I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I should have commented on Justin’s post What My Cat Brought In Last Night over the weekend. Lazy me. (And I probably have Justin to thank for the fact that a well-known Rubyist originally from South Korea commented on mine. Hi Francis, I wrote the […]